SMSF Audits to Accountants:

Eagle SMSF Auditing prides ourself on our 10-day turnaround. When you outsource your internal audit procedures, we are the ideal outsourcing choice who will provide you with an independent ASIC Registered SMSF auditor. Audit of SMSF are undertaken in a professional and independant manner Australia Wide.

Unless we receive direct mandate from you to do so, all contact with the client remains fully in your hands.

We can provide CPAs, NIA,CA, Accountants and Tax Agents with the following benefits:

  • Audits keep in strict compliance with SISA and SISR
  • Improved utilisation of internal staff – we work very closely with you to provide a seamless procedure that causes a minimum level of disturbance within your business
  • A tiered pricing plan which offers a competitive rate for all your funds

Benefits of moving your audit to an outsourcing partner:
When an SMSF Auditor is approved, regulating bodies are in operation to ensure a clearly defined level of professional and ethical management is in place.

A set of minimum requirements for auditors of SMSFs (self-managed superannuation funds) has been set out to ensure a competent level of work, by the following organisations: CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the National Institute of Accountants.

Listed here, are the standards of profession that must be maintained by public practioners who audit SMSFs:

  •  A certificate of practice presented by whichever regulatory body they are a member must be held
  • Up to date and continued indemnity insurance must be held
  • Continued training and development must be applied
  • Anybody working on their behalf must be experienced and have the right knowledge. When the audit itself is conducted, a professional supervision is also required
  • ASIC SMSF Audtitor Registration 100169051

The role of an SMSF Auditor
The reason we are here as SMSF auditors, is to lend you a listening ear whilst keeping our level of independence a professional one.

Some firms will provide an ‘all in one’ service, including administration, taxation, and auditing. We differ, because here at SMSF Auditors, we provide you with an independent auditing service for your SMSF – and only that.

Because this is the only service we provide, it enables us to keep professional independence – all the time. To make sure you receive the best quality of service, we constantly update, analyse and review out auditing procedures.

We are leagues ahead of any competition, because within our business ethos, we continue to provide a professional education and training structure.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Straightforward, reliable service levels, all offered at a clearly defined price – and nothing unexpected
  • As your clients, we will remain loyal and honest. We would inform you instantly if ever approached by one of your clients
  • A prompt response and regular feedback. An open channel of communication is a priceless asset
  • Where we can, we will go out of our way to give you a little extra in the field of servicing you as a client – even so far as going beyond the process of conducting an audit
  • A professional angle. We adhere to AAS, and as qualified accountants, adhering to the guidelines set out by SIS is a huge priority